Finding Your True Self in a World of Social Media

  |   Blog, Jeff Kirk

It is so easy to turn into someone else while online. People do it all the time! When someone actually meets them in real life, they are often disappointed that the person they thought they knew, is really someone else. While it’s an easy thing to do, it’s not always a smart thing to do. More and more, individuals are becoming less and less authentic, without even realizing it. Not only is this damaging to your own self worth, but it can put out a bad vibe to the rest of the world, including potential friends, coworkers, and employers, about who you really are. The following are four ways that you can find your true self and be your true self in a world overwhelmed with fake social media friends.




Don’t just get online to post photos or videos of your friends and family doing strange things. Don’t just get online to look at photos or videos of your friends and family doing strange things. Rather, begin a discussion. Start by posting a question or a comment about something that interests you. Direct your comments at specific people, or be clear that you are looking for everyone’s advice. After you receive some responses, respond back to them, just as you would in a face-to-face conversation. Validate what they say. Thank them for their response. Engage!



Act Natural

Don’t feel like you have to create something that will go viral. The reason viral things go viral is often because they are natural occurrences. Many viral things were posted to show a particular person or group of people, who then reposted and reposted until it was…viral. Trying to make something go viral is almost always a sure way to seal the deal that it won’t. In fact, you will probably try so hard that you will not look or act naturally at all. Be yourself and be natural. If it turns into a viral post, that’s great! If not, that’s great too! At least you were your natural, authentic self. Act Natural!



Be Original

Being original doesn’t mean that you have to think up something strange to post online. Social media is full of strange things already. Many of these strange things become trendy, and before you know it, there are one or two million pictures of girls doing the “duck face” online. If you naturally walk around with a duck face, then go ahead and post a picture of it. If not, don’t feel like you have to follow the trend! Instead, do things that make you an original human being. Make your social media presence an extension of who you are in real life. People who look at your pictures and posts should be able to find you in a crowd of real people because you are original. Be Original!



Be Real

If there is something you would never do or say in real life to someone’s face, don’t say it to them online. The same goes for pictures that you post. If you would never run down the street in your skivvies, don’t post a picture of yourself in them on a social media site. If you don’t use expletives on a daily basis in person, don’t use them online. If you are typically a respectful human being, be respectful to those you come in contact with in the digital world as well. Be real!



I get it. You want to make a certain impression on the people you interact with online. You want them to see you as a professional, a comedian, or a self-sufficient person. The truth is, they want to see who you really are. The world turns because people are different and because they have original ideas to offer. If everyone turned into the comedians who post duck faces all day long and brag about how good they look, wouldn’t this be a boring place to live? Engage in social media, act natural, be original, and just be real.