Corporate Magic | Is Experience or Youth More Important, When Shopping for an Event Company?
The big question, when looking for an event company to handle your big event, is whether or not experience or youth is more important.
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Is Experience or Youth More Important, When Shopping for an Event Company?

  |   Jeff Kirk



The big question, when looking for an event company to handle your big event, is whether or not experience or youth is more important. Everyone knows that experience means that a company has successfully handled a variety of events. They also know that youth means that a company knows what’s hot and what’s not in an ever-changing world of trends and technology. So how does someone know which company to hire for their event? The key could very well be in finding a company that has a youthful knowledge of the world around them, with the right amount of years of experience behind them.




Signs of an Experienced, Yet Trendy Company


There are a few things that you can keep in mind when shopping for the perfect event company. In order to find the company that will give you a hot, trendy event that you can count on, you should look for the following four qualities:



Years of Success

Experience doesn’t always equal success, and success doesn’t always equal experience. However, the two often go hand in hand. When looking for a company in which you can trust their experience, check to see how many years they have been in business, compared to the amount of events they have produced. If they have been in business for many years and have only produced a few events, they may not be a very successful company. If they have only been in business for a short time, they don’t have experience to pull from. If they have been in business for many years, and their events seem to accumulate quite quickly, that is experience equaling success. Something you can do is look for online reviews or testimonials about the event company. Contact some of their previous clients to see if they feel like the event company was successful.



Knowledge of Current Trends

While there are a lot of young companies that appear to be hot and trendy, they often lack the knowledge to execute their ideas. Experience coupled with knowledge of current trends in the industry is almost a sure sign that you have found the most qualified event company. Check out their most previous jobs to see what kind of technology was used. Compare their technology to some of the younger companies’ to see how it adds up. If there is something specific that you want included in your presentation, speak to a representative to see if they can easily accommodate you.




Young companies often lack the confidence that it takes to put on a successful event or presentation. Unfortunately, they may physically have what it takes, but are overwhelmed with the plans for execution. If they have never had a run-through with certain technology or ideas, they could become frustrated, causing your event to fall behind on time, budget, and overall success. A company that has done it all before will be confident in ensuring that your event will go exactly as planned.



A Personal Touch

An event company should offer just as much personalization as you wish to offer to your audience. They should listen to your goals, tailor your goals to a personalized message, and come up with a strategy to target your audience. By understanding your vision, they will help your audience to do the same. Many young companies that have never had this experience will try to do things their way. They may try to convince you to go about your presentation in a certain way, simply because they don’t have the resources to do it how you want to do it. An experienced company will have the resources, personnel, and equipment to ensure that your presentation plays out exactly as you envision it.



When it comes down to youth vs. experience, it’s always your best bet to choose both! An event company that has remained cutting-edge with their vast experience will help you to create the event of a lifetime that the audience will talk about for years to come.






Jeff Kirk serves as Chief Operating Officer for Corporate Magic, Inc., a world-class event production and message development company specializing in one-of-a-kind projects.  Known as an innovative marketing strategist with a keen understanding of the role digital content and technology can play in building brand preference, Jeff brings nearly two decades of experience to his leadership role at Corporate Magic. In addition to managing the company’s day-to-day operations, Jeff is in the process of forming strategic alliances and recently spearheaded Corporate Magic’s entry into global markets. In mid-2015, the Dallas-based company will be producing the Salvation Army’s 150th International Congress at London’s O2 Arena.