Stephen Dahlem Reviews Beyonce’s Super Bowl Performance For BizBash Magazine

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“I am not sure if anything could top the emotional power of the Sandy Hook Elementary School choir singing ‘America the Beautiful’ during the opening moments of Super Bowl XLVII. What an amazing idea and beautiful tribute. But for sheer technical power, the first 60 seconds of the Beyoncé halftime show was epic TV. The special effects, lighting, and camera work covering her arrival to the stage were some of the best in recent halftime show history.


“Playing Monday morning quarterback is difficult because we all know how challenging a show like this is to create and produce. Beyoncé was beautiful, she gave an outstanding performance, and she reminded everyone that she is one of the top five performers living today. That said, personally, I was looking for that one moment, that one mental touchstone seared into our collective consciousness, where we’ll say years from now, ‘Remember when Beyoncé did…’ This was a great show, filled with jaw-dropping spectacle; but like the amazing medley of songs she performed, it seemed more like a ‘greatest hits’ of her previous groundbreaking performances. I was anticipating something new. Still, they created an incredible collage of her last 10 years of award show performances on a football field in under 20 minutes, and she performed it to perfection. Kudos to Team Beyonce!”