What Is iBeacon and Why Is It Important to the Events Industry?

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iOS devices, such as iPhones and others, have been given a new way to gain location-based information. Through Apple’s wireless Bluetooth low-energy technology called iBeacon, these devices have access to the information and services that will send notifications, special offers, and security alerts to the device when they enter a certain area. The iBeacon works with iPhone 4s and newer, as well as third generation iPads on up, and iPad touches and minis that are at least a fifth generation. Android 4.3s and higher are also able to use this type of technology.



How Does iBeacon Work?

The iBeacon is just as it sounds: a beacon. These beacons are actual transmitters that are sent through Bluetooth. The apps that use them listen for the transmissions and respond in the way that they are programmed to respond. Retailers can use these apps to send daily specials or coupons to their customers. The events industry can use iBeacon to send out information near exhibits or during presentations. When a certain device enters the venue, the beacons will be sent to the device with the information that the attendees need. This can help during registration for the event, as well as distributing information and helping attendees to get acquainted with materials.



Who Is Currently Using iBeacon?

iBeacon was originally launched in 254 retail stores throughout the United States. The apps notify customers of when their orders are ready, and send specials to them upon entering the store. Virgin Atlantic Airlines has also been using the technology, allowing passengers to have easier boarding with a mobile boarding pass.



Who Can Benefit From iBeacon?

In reality, there are hundreds of industries that can benefit from such an incredible technology. iBeacon can make payment methods easier, shopping more efficient, and attending events more enjoyable. In the events industry, iBeacon can help presenters reach a larger range of potential clients and customers. It can help them ensure that their attendees have everything they need to find the most success at the event.


As you can see, technology is abounding. Every day, there are new programs that appear. Some are successful, and some are not. iBeacon has already proven successful and is a promising program that is sure to win over the hearts of event coordinators, retailers, those in the airline industry, and so many others. Make sure you’re one of the first to experience this amazing technology and check out the iBeacon today.




iBeacon 101 Proximity Services Infographic





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