Corporate Magic | With Corporate Magic, Republic Services Takes ‘Giant Leap Forward’
Corporate Magic is a leading events production company that can help your organization deliver targeted messages in meaningful, memorable ways. We’ve planned and executed some of the most amazing events ever staged for some of the most successful companies on the planet, from Berkshire Hathaway to IBM, from Coca-Cola to Mazda. Since our beginning in 1986, we’ve developed a reputation for creative excellence, strategic insight, technical innovation and responsive service. Corporate Magic is led by the company’s founder – CEO Jim Kirk – a creative visionary with a decades-long track record of success.
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With Corporate Magic, Republic Services Takes ‘Giant Leap Forward’

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The challenge was clear for Republic Services’ 2014 General Managers Conference.  The company had just acquired and “rolled up” hundreds of independently owned waste management firms all across the nation under the Republic brand.  While welcoming them into the fold, it was imperative to send the message that things are going to be different now…and better than ever.

Republic picked the right company for the job, because no production team on the planet does “different” and “better than ever” better than Corporate Magic!

When more than 425 area managers and presidents gathered at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort in Arizona for the 2014 GMC Conference this February, the difference was immediately evident.  It began with the show’s theme – fittingly, “The Difference” – and continued through each of the elements of the four-day conference.

Though hired just six months prior to the event, the messaging architects at Corporate Magic pulled out all the stops for their newest client.  The production team directed the staging, helped with the messaging of the executives’ speeches, produced dynamic videos and ensured that all of the attendees were fully focused and engaged in the presentation.

The moment attendees walked into the room, they noticed a difference.  For starters, risers were used to help bring the audience closer to the stage, ensure less distraction, and give a more intimate, town hall feel to the meeting.  A rockin’ live band performed as they entered each of the general sessions as well as to underscore videos during the production numbers.  What’s more, a dramatic 180-degree video screen wrapped around the resort’s ballroom, engulfing the audience in Republic’s new unified branding and imagery.  The screen ensured that a firm connection was made to the company’s logo, new marketing materials and other brand images.

Participants were encouraged to be more than spectators throughout the conference by providing their input via text-to-screen technology.  In addition, during breakout sessions, attendees were invited to create their own videos with the help of a video crew.  Corporate Magic then edited the videos into a final presentation, projected it onto the 180-degree screen and allowed attendees to vote for their favorites.

Following the conference, Corporate Magic compiled event highlights to produce a “Meeting In a Box,” with custom design and packaging that was distributed to Republic Services’ general managers across the country to share with their teams at home.  This enabled attendees to continue engaging with the event while allowing those that could not attend to see what they had missed… how Republic is The Difference.

“I was tasked to deliver a national conference that was impactful, focused, engaging and different from anything our attendees had experienced in the past,” said Darcie Brossart, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at Republic Services. “With Corporate Magic as our production partner, we took a giant leap forward from previous years’ conferences. The messaging was compelling, engaging and consistent throughout. And, it was presented in such a memorable way that all who attended were extremely energized and highly motivated to go back to their respective business units and amplify the messages. A truly great event.”