Corporate Magic | Creating the Perfectly Successful Social Media Campaign
It’s important that you have a plan for what you will talk about or advertise in your social media campaign.
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Creating the Perfectly Successful Social Media Campaign

  |   Jeff Kirk

Have you been sitting around wondering how to create the most successful social media campaign? Much like Nike, you’ve got to Just Do It! As with a lot of things in life and in business, the hardest part of creating a social media campaign is getting it up and running. You may not know where to start. You may not think you have the right niche in the industry. Perhaps you don’t have a catchy slogan like Nike, or a memorable logo like McDonalds.


The good news is that you don’t have to be like them. Your ideas, your products, and your services are unique to your company. It’s knowing what to do and how to do it that will really help you to find that perfectly successful campaign.



Coming Up With a Topic


It’s important that you have a plan for what you will talk about or advertise in your social media campaign. Research will be your best friend when trying to do this. While you don’t want to copy the competition, there’s nothing wrong with getting some ideas from them! Take a look at other industry magazines, social media sites, and blogs to find out what your target market is interested in. Check out some of the most popular in the industry to discover what makes them so favored among your potential or current clients. Doing this will help you to put together a campaign that will be equally as attractive, if not more.


Although research is a great tool and one of the best ways to get some ideas, don’t be afraid to write about your own, original ideas. Especially if you don’t find those ideas anywhere else in the industry, they will stand out among the competition and draw readers and followers to your campaign. Everyone knows that those people eventually turn into customers and clients, which is really the end goal of a successful campaign. Be bold. Don’t let anyone tell you that your ideas aren’t good enough. Be willing to stand out and cover new ground that has never been touched before.



Choosing a Social Medium


Depending on the industry you are in, you will want to choose the social medium that will draw the most attention to your business. There are three main avenues of social media, with each catering to different types of businesses, clients, and customers. They are:





This medium is perfect if part of your social media campaign is to converse with your clients through the medium. It’s a great place for clients to ask questions and have them promptly answered. Potential customers are often interested in pictures on Facebook, making this a great avenue if you have something visually appealing to offer. For example, a real estate agent could post listings on Facebook, complete with photos of the house for sale.


This medium is a good fit for companies with a very targeted audience. Most individuals on LinkedIn have a specific purpose and will not just browse the same way they would on Facebook. Material on this medium should be very pointed, offering services and information for clients. For example, a printing specialist could post an article on the best way to format a document for printing.


This is for companies in a fast-paced industry. Clients are on Twitter to learn the very latest and greatest in the trade. Sports, entertainment, and event management often lean towards this medium as it is quick and easy to send and receive information.








Being Consistent


Consistency is perhaps the most important part of your entire social media campaign. Just like physical exercise, if you’re not consistent, it won’t yield results. You may get excited in the beginning and hit it hard, only to slack off later and fall off the beaten path. Unfortunately, your target market (potential customers) will notice. Without specifically thinking or saying it, they will begin to lose confidence in your company, your services, and/or your products.


The way to be consistent is to set a schedule and stick to it. If you feel like you can come up with enough unique material to post something multiple times per week, that’s great! Just be consistent. Perhaps set three as your schedule. For example, you can post something new every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which will give your audience something to look forward to on those days. They will get in tune with your schedule and will expect a post on those days. If you fall off the bandwagon and skip Wednesday, they may fall off as well and not hit you up for Friday’s post.


If you don’t think you’ll be consistent with three posts a week, that’s great, too! One at the beginning or end of the week might be just right for you. No matter how many, make sure your clients can count on you and the information you will display.



Your Planned Attack, Your Success


As you can see, it isn’t too hard to plan a social media campaign. The three most important steps are to come up with a topic, choose a medium, and be consistent. By following those rules, your very carefully planned attack will yield you the results you are looking for with your perfectly successful social media campaign.