Jim Kirk / Chief Creative Officer

Owner, CEO & Chief Creative Officer. Recovering radio jingle-writer.

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Jim Kirk is the owner, CEO, and founder of Corporate Magic. He has been a leader in the production industry since 1974 and continues to perform at the top of the industry with his professional team of event producers and directors. Staying closely involved in the process, every company who has an event strategized by Corporate Magic experiences some of the expertise that only Jim can offer. Kirk’s innovative approach to the production industry has helped him gain success over and over again.

From a successful radio jingle-writing career in the 1970s to 1980s, which saw him hit the Billboard Hot 100 and the American Top 40, to the successful 80,000 person Boy Scouts 100th Jamboree in 2010, Kirk has truly “been there and done that”.

Today, Corporate Magic employs various professionals and other leaders in the industry who follow in Jim’s footsteps. His success has allowed more and more individuals the experience of a fulfilling job that helps others find fulfillment in theirs. It is this sense of implementation and realization that the events production industry has been changed for the good by Kirk and his company. Through a strategy that only he knows how to employ, more events are created and managed appropriately, more constituencies are reached, and more companies find success that they have never seen.

Stephen Dahlem / Senior Creative Director

Emmy Award-Winning Creative Director & Set Designer. Bragger.

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As an accomplished director and musician, Stephen Dahlem is an integral part of the Corporate Magic team and has been since 2003 as Senior Creative director. His lucrative career began with the Walt Disney Company, where he performed and staged live productions. Not only that, but he produced a variety of television specials around the world in Tokyo, Orlando, and Anaheim. Stephen has appeared in various Broadway productions throughout the years. His passion for performance landed him positions in Cats, The Will Rodgers Follies, and The Who’s Tommy. After these performances, he went on to become Six Flags’ Senior Creative Director. With that position, he created and produced various entertainment events for their thirty-six parks around the world. These productions earned him being twice awarded from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, the Golden Ticket and Brass Ring awards. As a member of the Corporate Magic team, Stephen offers his unmatched knowledge of live performance and design to corporate events around the nation. In his position as Senior Creative Director, his resume includes:

  • CBS and Fox Network telecasts for the Halftime Show of the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving games.
  • The Centennial Celebration of Oklahoma, which earned an Emmy Award.
  • The Boy Scouts of America 100th Anniversary Spectacular.


Stephen Dahlem is a leader in the industry, working with James Kirk to make amazing things happen for corporate events around the nation. With his knack of finding something unique in every story and weaving it into an unforgettable event, messages are given with power and emotion.

Jeffrey N. Kirk / Chief Operating Officer

Managing all operations of Corporate Magic, Inc., he still dreams of being a Formula 1 driver.  No longer delivering Jason’s Deli orders to the company.

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With nearly twenty years of leadership experience, Jeff Kirk offers Corporate Magic clients a unique understanding of the corporate events industry. Beginning in 1995 as Digital Media Director of Corporate Magic, Jeff managed both digital and printed projects. Through print ads, webcasts, video streaming, and staging concepts, he gave clients exactly what they needed to make the biggest impact on their industries.


In 2010, Jeff became the Chief Operating Officer of Corporate Magic, which is where he remains today. As COO, he has an unmatched knowledge of technology and digital content and what it means to corporate events. An innovative marketing strategist, Jeff handles day-to-day operations that make Corporate Magic run smoothly and effectively. Aside from his day-to-day responsibilities, Jeff works to create strategic alliances in a variety of global markets. His experience has given him the competitive edge that Corporate Magic needs to go above and beyond what clients expect. Clients on his resume include companies like Aflac, IBM, Mazda, the Dallas Cowboys, and the George W. Bush Foundation.


Jeff is also a contributor to Special Events Magazine.

Martin Gillespie / Chief Financial Officer

The Voice of Reason.

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Originally with Gaylord Entertainment, Martin Gillespie joined Corporate Magic in  November of 2001. As CFO, Martin’s expertise is used for financial and accounting operations throughout the company, but his skill set doesn’t end there. Corporate Magic is proud to have Martin Gillespie as a part of the team, specializing in:

  • Budgeting for creation and production
  • Client and vendor contracts and legal matters
  • Employee benefit programs
  • Employee retirement programs
  • Insurance and risk management for events


During the seven years he was employed with Gaylord Entertainment, Martin held many positions including VP of Finance for their Music, Media, and Entertainment Division, as well as Director of Corporate Internal Audit. As a graduate of the University of Tennessee, a CPA, and with so many years of experience, Martin brings something to the table that no one else has.