Boy Scouts of America

About This Project

Corporate Magic assembled a “dream team” of companies and individuals that spent more than a year mapping out the week’s activities, ensuring that every detail contributed to the overall theme envisioned by the BSA to create a one-of-a-kind event that showcases 100 years of scouting for over 80,000 Boy Scouts, Scout Leaders and VIPs. Logistical challenges abounded, including the remote location of Fort AP Hill (roughly 75 miles south of Washington, DC, and 35 miles north of Richmond), and the myriad restrictions associated with working on an active Army base. The campgrounds and activity areas were dispersed over more than 3,000 acres, which required many Scout troops to hike one or two hours each way to the show arena.

Highlights of the arena shows included the largest theatrical fireworks display ever allowed on a military installation, with over 4,500 shots; flyovers and aerial jump teams from every military branch; parade horses; U.S. Army Strykers; a cast of 400 Scouts incorporated into the stage production; dozens of pre-produced video packages; and original music composed and produced by Corporate Magic.