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Corporate Magic is a leading events production company that can help your organization deliver targeted messages in meaningful, memorable ways. We’ve planned and executed some of the most amazing events ever staged for some of the most successful companies on the planet, from Berkshire Hathaway to IBM, from Coca-Cola to Mazda. Since our beginning in 1986, we’ve developed a reputation for creative excellence, strategic insight, technical innovation and responsive service. Corporate Magic is led by the company’s founder – CEO Jim Kirk – a creative visionary with a decades-long track record of success.
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About This Project

Create a fun, celebratory and welcoming atmosphere to thousands of national and international distributors. Generate a greater sense of belonging to the XanGo family. Attendees should walk away with renewed energy, increased belief and confidence in XanGo, and fully educated on all new product offerings.


CM Creative Solution

The tone was set at registration with the theme “THRIVE” boldly displayed in window graphics, banners, and six 6’ plasma screens, each with one dazzling, ever-changing letter spelling out the theme with unforgettable impact.

The excitement continued at the welcome party, “Thrive and Shine”, a glow in the dark pajama party with the B52’s providing the perfect punch, pumping folks up for the conference.

General sessions presented clear, cohesive messaging, with expert business tips and motivating speeches from notable achievers such as Chris Gardner, author of “The Pursuit of Happyness”. A sense of unity was achieved through testimonials from across the globe that reinvigorated distributors product faith. To motivate and reward sales achievements, high energy award segments were crafted culminating in top prize giveaways – custom branded Mini Coopers driven right onto the convention floor to further fuel up the already energized crowd.

The convention was additionally layered with leadership breakout sessions presented in a less formal format with candid, open conversations that strengthened the company partnership with field leaders. CM also drove product sales by creating an on-site XanGo store, which blended product and the convention theme branding cohesively. Achieved through brilliant projection, graphics, and product displays, the results were reflected in significant on-site sales.


XanGo Global Convention


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