Corporate Magic | Tactfully Promoting Your Company Through Social Media
If you don’t have your own presence, the world will create one for you. Do you really want to risk that?
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Tactfully Promoting Your Company Through Social Media

  |   Jeff Kirk



By now, if you haven’t established a presence in social media, you are behind the times.


Just now, someone mentioned your company in a Facebook post. Someone else added a picture of your convention booth on Instagram. If you don’t have your own presence, the world will create one for you. Do you really want to risk that?


Social media is at the forefront of business promotion. People are on social media to truly socialize, to read the news, to learn tips and tricks of the trade, to find the best companies, and so much more. Make sure you get noticed with a social media campaign.


Before you do, ensure that your campaign is a tactful one. Nothing says “We’re unprofessional!” more than a shameless plug for your company on a social media site. Constant plugs that pour out of posts and articles on these sites can get irritating and have the opposite effect of what you were going for. Be cautious, be smart, and become a leader in the industry.




The Right Content

In order to be tactful, you need to provide the reader with the right content. Your readers don’t want to hear over and over again, “We are the leaders in the industry! Visit our site today.” They want to see what makes you a leader. If you provide products or services for a big client, post something that says, “Check out our latest project!” with pictures attached. This will give your potential clients an opportunity to look without making a commitment. Chances are that you will drum up more business by showcasing what you are best at, rather than by telling the reader that you are great.


Another way to provide the right content in your social media posts is by getting the help of the professionals. SEO experts can help you to get your name to the top of the search engines, directing potential business to your social media sites. These experts know exactly what to write, how long to make it, and how to target the market you are looking to pull in.



Providing Tips

Something that really pulls in the attention of your target market is tips that can make their lives easier. If you are in the office supplies industry and you are constantly posting about company picnics, events in the news, and how to save the trees, you will probably be looked right over, even if you can somehow tie your services to the articles. If you provide a list of tips that can help a company troubleshoot a broken printer, you will definitely pull in more readers. The tips you provide should help the readers to help themselves.


In the event that they are unable to help themselves, they know that they can turn to your company for more information. What this does is help the client to feel like you care about their needs. They will see that you are offering free advice, rather than asking for their business. They can then turn around and ask to give you their business when they feel it is necessary. Trust through providing tips can go a long way!



Be Engaged In Your Clients’ Success

While on social media, you will see a lot of things that your clients are up to. Be engaged in their success! If you notice that a former customer successfully took the first step toward bettering their company, don’t comment, “Great job! Let us help you take the next step!” Instead, be encouraging and allow them to remember what they liked about you: that you took the time to be personal. Post something like, “Great job! It was an honor to be a part of this great work. We are proud to see where you have taken your company and look forward to seeing where you will go next!” Not only will that particular client see the positive interaction, but anyone on the social media site will see your encouragement and professionalism.



In all, just remember that you don’t need to drop shameless plugs for your company every day. As a successful business, doing what you do best will ensure a positive social media presence. Staying involved, staying positive, and providing real information for your customers is what will help you remain a leader in your industry when it comes to social media marketing.