Corporate Magic | Top 10 Things You Can Plan to Experience at Your Next Event
The following are ten trends that you can plan to see at upcoming events.
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Top 10 Things You Can Plan to Experience at Your Next Event

  |   Jeff Kirk

Although every event is different and every business has a unique way of presenting, there are always some things that are easily predictable when it comes to meetings and events. The reason for this is because of the advances in technology, experiences, and interactivity. Event and meeting attendees expect to be engaged in more ways than one, with an experience that they will remember for a long time. The following are ten trends that you can plan to see at upcoming events.




Short-term money savings does not mean long-term business. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. When businesses and event managers cut back on funds, excitement, memories, and positive outcomes are unfortunately cut back on as well. Bigger budgets are making a comeback, and for good reason! With big budgets comes the latest in technology. With the latest in technology comes curious onlookers. With curious onlookers comes potential clients and future attendees.



Corporate Social Responsibility

No matter where an event takes place, there is always something that needs to be done within the community. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) not only gives the business a good reputation, but allows the community to benefit as well. Additionally, it creates a sense of community among event attendees and employees.



Engaged Senses

The five senses of the human body are some amazing attributes. Event planners can capitalize on something natural and exciting to create further excitement in attendees. Not only do attendees get to experience something enjoyable and pleasant, but they are interacting and taking time to really engage in conversation and activities at the booth. Examples may include scratch-and-sniff postcards, samples of different textured products, and even a taster’s table.



Food and Drinks

Speaking of tasting something delightful, you are bound to find a booth at your next event that caters specifically to the sense of taste. Food and drinks are returning to the event scene. Wine and cheese may complement your business, while a small cocktail bar may complement another. Everyone wants a snack or a drink while at a busy event, and a business that capitalizes on that is one that is making a smart move.




In the past, live bands and entertainment took up space and filled the event venue with amazing music. You won’t see a lack in entertainment or music at your next event, but you may find a lack of a physical presence. Using holographics, a business can hold a live concert at their booth, without having to bring in all the equipment necessary to succeed. To make it interactive, a karaoke experience may even be set up.



Local Flavor

Local. Everyone wants local. Everyone wants to support locally. Food trucks that come from actual local vendors are sure to pop up at your next event. They will offer event goers some amazing meal options, as well as bring a sense of community to the event. With various styles of foods, attendees will not have to wonder what they’re eating at their next meal. In fact, this could be some great advertising for the city in which the event is held.



Memorable Activities

Event planners cannot forget to plan activities for a little downtime. In order to ensure a unique and memorable experience, attendees should have something to do when they arrive, sometime during the event, and perhaps even right before they head home. One example is of an event planner that had Navy SEAL trainers actually train the attendees at the event. They experienced something at that event that they will remember forever. With that memory, they will remember the entire event.



Outdoor Events

Although a hotel or large indoor arena is often the typical venue to hold an event, more and more event planners are turning to the outdoors. Sporting venues, public beaches, and even blocked roads are the perfect places to hold such an event. When the weather is good, you might as well use it to your advantage so that attendees will feel more like they are on a vacation than at a business conference.



Popular Culture

With all the fun and interesting ideas surrounding event planning, it is important to stay enlightened about popular culture. Social media is perhaps at the top of the list, making it essential that event planners implement it. The next event you attend may have employees specifically assigned to take pictures and post to Instagram. They may be primarily responsible to post to Facebook or Twitter. By using hashtags and links, attendees and potential customers can stay in touch.




A theme just won’t work at an event these days. Themes are too boring and not involved enough. Event planners instead, will tell a story. They will have an entire storyline that gives meaning and purpose to the event, the attendees, and the vendors. The storyline will show where everyone can benefit, and will entertain everyone in the meantime.



A corporate event is an incredible way to get your message across. The next time you head to an event, look for these ten trends and realize that the event planners are trying to take your experience up a notch with each trend.