Corporate Magic | You Were Born a Creator – Start Creating and Increase Value!
The more emotional experiences you have, the happier you’ll be. Get your “creator” on today and start filling your life with meaningful experiences.
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You Were Born a Creator – Start Creating and Increase Value!

  |   Jim Kirk

Have you ever considered yourself a creator? Have you ever looked in the mirror and said, “I’m going to create something amazing today?” The truth is that a creator is exactly what you are. Albert Einstein once said, “Art and science are two of the greatest forms of escape that humans have devised.” What makes that so? Science and art are processes that deal with being creative. They are processes that deal with things that could exist, but don’t yet, and YOU are the one that can make it all happen.




What About Burn-Out?


What about it? There are many people who deal with burn-out, but the truth is that people aren’t burned out intellectually. It is their emotions that are getting burned out. They still have all the same creative ideas in their minds, but they lack the feelings to make it happen. They begin to lose the power that they have to be creators. This not only takes a toll on the individual, but on those who count on that individual, which often includes the company they work for.



What can you do about burn-out? The answer is to re-connect in an emotional way. If you’re the one experiencing burn-out, dig down deep and ask yourself why you like the career field you are in. Ask yourself what ideas you have to make your life and the lives of those around you, better. That is when you really start creating, and when a great transformation will take place. It’s really your choice. You decide how to “escape” in order to create an amazing life experience for yourself and others.




A Happier, Healthier You


So what if you don’t like your position at work? You could find a new position. You could go back to school and search for an entirely different career. You could also pick up a new attitude, which might be the easiest route to go. Say to yourself, “I am a creator, with the job of a (insert your vocation).” This takes you one step closer to being happier and healthier, and making life meaningful for so many others.



John C. Maxwell said, “The truth is that you spend your life any way you want, but you can only spend it once.” What are you going to do with that opportunity? You might be stuck in a job as a (fill in the blank), but you are still a creator. Your value as a creator is not just limited to you and your personal life. It can extend beyond to your professional life.



Einstein also said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Have you ever thought of that? We are always taught information that gives us knowledge, but how many times have we stopped to imagine something on our own? You see, knowledge already exists. Imagination is what can exist if you let it.




What Sells?


It has been previously talked about that new things sell. What’s more is that emotions sell; emotional experiences to be exact. Take a look around! Political parties, the media, cities, rock bands, government entities…they are all looking for something that will move you to make you act. They create opportunities for you to feel.



Creators embody both emotion and imagination. There are examples all around the world and all throughout history that show both emotion and imagination at work. Take for example, someone who acknowledges a problem and their partner who solves it. Perhaps you look at someone who maintains a building and the architect who designed it. By their descriptions, you can see which individual has emotion and imagination and is willing to make something happen.



So what if you’re the individual who maintains the building? Nothing about maintenance says “emotion” or “imagination,” but it can. In fact, by making yourself a creator in a position that most people don’t expect creativity from, you can shine! Employers, co-workers, and other individuals expect the problem solvers and the architects to be creative. When someone else steps up where it is least expected, they become a hero and an example. If you’re in that position, use your emotion and your imagination and step it up!




The Point?


The point is that it doesn’t matter what position you hold at work or at home. You are a creator. Period. What you can bring to the table can create value, both at work and at home. Companies in this fast-paced world are looking for individuals just like you who are willing to stop asking, “Why me?” and start asking, “Why not me?”



When it really comes down to it, you’ll never wish that you had more money or awards as you lay on your death bed. You’ll wish you spent more quality time with loved ones. You’ll wish that the experiences you created for those people were more memorable and more creative. The things you’ll remember are your emotional experiences; those created with imagination and creativity.



So what are you waiting for? The more emotional experiences you have, the happier you’ll be. Get your “creator” on today and start filling your life with meaningful experiences. While you’re at it, make sure to fill up others’ lives as well.